Learn More About Training Cal

Training Cal was created after an initial attempt at manually inputting a marathon training plan – with over 100 different training runs – into my Google Calendar. After giving up partway through because it was taking painstakingly long, I figured the logical thing was to spend like 50 times longer making a website that could do it for me – all in the name of efficiency, of course. 😛

Training Cal provides an interface for creating a whole batch of training run events on your Google Calendar in just a few simple steps.

Note: As it stands, Training Cal is not intended to fully remove the need to ever look at your full training plan – it currently doesn't support any additional details (like pacing or intervals) beyond the mileage. Also, copying over 100 detailed events would also still be a pretty manual process, even with Training Cal, so that may be for the best.

What the Google Calendar events created by Training Cal do provide, however, is an easier way to quickly glance ahead at your schedule while on the go – while dicussing plans for a trip or getting ready for the upcoming week. With that use-case in mind, just having that high-level overview of the training schedule in your calendar is actually quite handy.

Using Training Cal

1. Create a new calendar

First, you'll create a new calendar within your Google Calendar. This allows all the events to be batched together, making it easy to remove them in the event you switch to a different race date or training plan.

Creating a new Google Calendar with Training Cal

2. Choose the length of your training plan

This step determines the length of the input form you'll be presented with for typing in your plan. Currently, the plans always start from the current day, so if you weren't going to start training for a few weeks you'd need to pad out the length of your plan.

Selecting the duration of the training calendar

I'm still planning on adding more features, so if you discover any pain points or areas you think should be prioritized for improvement, please drop my a note (my contact info)!

3. Input the training run mileages

Finally, you'll need to spend a couple minutes typing in the mileages for each of your scheduled runs. I've currently got a basic Beginner 18-Week Marathon Training Plan that you can auto-fill – I'm hoping to get a few other pre-baked options up as well.

Inputting the mileage of each training run
Progress bar shown while Training Cal makes the events

Once your training run miles have been typed in, you'll go ahead and add the events to the calendar created in Step #1. This will take a minute or so if you have a lot of events (the Google Calendar API enforces rate limiting).

Training Cal event adding complete

You'll be presented with a link to the embedded version of the Google Calendar that you just configured, if you want to take a look at the events on their own or share it. Of course, the calendar is in your account so you'll also be able to access it as usual through Google Calendar. I've also included a couple screenshots below that show what events were created from the input mileage shown in the image above.

Events from the input example above - Weeks 1-5
Events from the input example above - Weeks 6-8

I hope Training Cal proves useful to you! Enjoy your runs!