1. Create a new calendar in your Google Calendar.
Create new calendar

When you click "Create" here, you'll be doing the same thing as Google Calendar's "Create new calendar" button.

All the training run events will be added to this new calendar. That way, if you need to delete them, you can simply delete the entire calendar instead of going through them one at a time.

2. Input the number of weeks in your training plan.

If your race is in 8 weeks and 3 days, input 9 weeks.

If you have at least 18 weeks, you'll be able to auto-fill the calendar with a beginner marathon training plan.

3. Input your daily mileage.

Only days with non-empty and non-zero mileage will have events created for them.

The first non-disabled input cell in Week 1 represents today's date.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday