Google Calendar API For Running Training Schedules

Quickly add your training runs for your next race to your Google Calendar!

Create a new personal Google Calendar and then fill in an upcoming training schedule with your daily mileage. Training Cal makes it fast and easy to add an entire 16-20 week marathon training plan to your Google Calendar – that's over 100 different events.

This makes it easy to check your schedule while you're going about your day trying to make plans – you can quickly see how long you're supposed to be running that day without whipping out your full training plan and trying to match up the week numbers to the calendar.

Creating new Google Calendar events with Training Cal
Sample Google Calendar created using Training Cal

When you fill in the form pictured above and input your daily mileage, each box with a non-zero mileage value will create a Google Calendar event for the corresponding date. Training Cal also creates a new calendar for each training plan that you add, so it's easy to remove the events if you switch to a different plan.

Training-Cal needs read-write access in order to make calendar events, but will never actually read from your calendar – only write to it.